Raw material guarantee – wild deer and fallow deer antler shed


• Chew antlers ChewChew contain high volume of natural mineral substance and nutrients,

such as calcium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesia, collagen, lipids and glucosamine. All these substances are unavoidable for full-value life and development of your dog. They are necessary for healthy teeth and bones (calcium and phosphorus), red blood cells (iron), healthy joints and tissues (glucosamine), or for right function of nervous and muscle system (potassium).


• Chew antlers ChewChew are suitable also for dogs with overweight, as they contain less than 0,01% fat. Chewing the antlers has positive effects on health and psychics of your pet.


• Chew toys ChewChew eliminate dental tartar and prevent it from being generated.


• Chew antlers ChewChew do not shatter and break as regular bones, and therefore they entertain your pet for long hours and are safer. They are free of any inconvenient smell and do not leave any mess or stains.


• Chew antlers ChewChew are 100% natural product free of any additives or preservatives.


 they re made of first-class deer antler sheds and processed manually.


Antler is a unique raw material, containing many beneficial minerals, nutrients for your dog:

Calcium and phosphorus –– important for teeth and bones

Iron – unavoidable for healthy blood cells

Potassium – supports nervous and muscle functions

Magnesia – helps in energy storing and releasing

Collagen – for healthy bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilages

Lipids – support healthy growth and development

Glucosamine – for joints, tendons and tissues


Every piece is handmade in order to preserve the best quality


Same as the Mother Nature does, grant your dog the care it needs. Natural chews ChewChew are an ideal form for that. ChewChew chews are suitable for smaller, medium and very big dogs. You can find these special products with us only. ChewChew chews for dogs made of deer antler provide long-lasting fun to your pets and are extremely beneficial for their health. Your hairy fellow will be in good condition and will have healthier teeth than ever.